Street Info & Parking

Forest Edge HOA adopted the Altamonte Springs parking ordinances to govern street parking. CHAPTER 24 – TRAFFIC AND VEHICLES

Please see the Forest Edge Rules and Regulations and Towing Notice for information regarding acceptable street parking.

The towing company below has been contracted to remove vehicles that do not comply with violation notices, park on grass or sidewalks, block crosswalks, impede emergency or government vehicles, or create a dangerous visibility condition for passing vehicles or pedestrians. Towing signs are located at both Forest Edge entrances. Only an authorized representative on file can request a removal. Individual homeowners cannot call the number to request a vehicle be towed.

Athens Towing & Recovery, Inc.

(407) 321-2948

The streets within Forest Edge are private. Door-to-door soliciting is illegal within Forest Edge.

Forest Edge HOA owns the following streets:

  • Dutch Elm Dr.
  • Sassafras Ave.
  • Black Willow Trl
  • American Elm Dr. not including the entrance.

The Country Creek Master Association owns the following property within Forest Edge:

  • American Elm Dr. from Eden Park Rd to the intersection of Black Willow Trl & Sassafras Ave.
  • The amenities property within Forest Edge including the parking lot.