Gate Info

Forest Edge

Both the pedestrian and street gates at the back of Forest Edge are owned and maintained by the Forest Edge HOA. They are for use by Forest Edge residents only.

How do I get the access code for the pedestrian gate?

Homeowners can request the gate code by emailing the Forest Edge HOA. Please provide your Forest Edge street address with your request.

How do I get a remote control for Forest Edge’s back gate?

Please contact the Forest Edge HOA to make arrangements. Remotes are currently $30 each to cover the cost to the HOA. Payment can be made by cash or check made payable to Forest Edge HOA.

Country Creek

The back gate to Country Creek is owned and maintained by the Country Creek Master Association and for use by Country Creek residents within all the neighborhoods.

How do I gain access to the Country Creek gate off Eden Park Rd.?

You can find information regarding Country Creek’s gate and amenities access including the pool/park area in Forest Edge at:

Gate Infomation –

Amenities Pass –