ARC Application

Tree Removal Permit

Forest Edge Rules & Regulations

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Carol Platt    407-619-7914

Abbreviated Restriction List

As a reminder, the abbreviated restriction list is provided below.  The list is meant to be a quick reference and is not a complete list of the restrictions.  A copy of the “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions” as well as the “Bylaws of Forest Edge HOA” may be obtained through this website or contacting our property manager.

  • Store / screen garbage containers—should not be visible from any road OR by your neighbor except during collection times.
  • Garbage containers should be set at curb no earlier than 5 PM the day preceding collection and removed from curb the evening of collection.  This time frame applies to yard waste collection as well. Forest Edge is within an Urban Bear Management Area and must adhere to further trash collection procedures. CLICK HERE for more info. Garbage cans that are not bear resistant can only be set curbside the morning of collection.
  • No routine street parking by residents. Short term parking must follow the rules set forth in the Forest Edge Rules and Regulations.
  • All house pets must remain on the owner’s lot unless on a leash.  Cats are not permitted to roam the neighborhood.
  • No major appliance, furniture, or building materials are collected by the regular garbage trucks. The Altamonte Springs Public Works Department provides special service for a fee (or you can retain these items in your garage until Spring Clean-Up). Please put these items at the curb no earlier than 5 PM the day preceding special service pick-up.
  • Detached buildings (dog houses, sheds, playhouses, etc.), fences, exterior paint, roofs, and any other exterior alterations must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).
  • ARC must approve removal of living or dead trees. All trees must be trimmed to allow clearance for large service vehicles on the streets and pedestrians on the sidewalk. An Altamonte Springs ARBOR PERMIT is required for all tree removal. The city or the FEHOA may require a tree of an acceptable species replace the removed tree.
  • All lots, driveways, and dwellings should be constantly maintained in a neat and attractive condition.
  • All signs are prohibited on lots except building / sub-contractor signs during construction and one sign to advertise property for sale.  Private signs are prohibited on any right-of-way or on common areas.
  • Boats, trailers, campers and RV’s shall not be parked on any road.  Driveway parking for loading/unloading cannot be in excess or 24 hours except in garages.
  • Vehicles which are unsightly, immobile or under repair are allowed only in garages.
  • The past failure of the FEHOA to enforce the covenants and restrictions does not give any homeowner consent to remain in violation, however long continuing.

Violation Notices

As part of their contracted services, Sentry Management routinely inspects the neighborhood for infractions of the deed restrictions.

Common reasons for receiving a violation notice include:

  • leaving garbage containers or recycle bins viewable from common areas outside of collection times.
  • excessive algae/mold/mildew on driveway, house, fence or sidewalks.
  • excessive weeds or unmaintained yard.
  • tree or hedge overgrowth impeding motorists or pedestrians.
  • inoperable or tagless vehicles in driveways or roadways.
  • routinely parking a vehicle in the street, in the grass or blocking the sidewalk.
  • commencing exterior work or tree removal without ARC approval.

Enforcement of the deed restrictions is a concern of all members of the FEHOA. If you receive a 1st notice, please view it as a courteous reminder of our existing restrictions. If you have questions or need an extension please immediately contact our property manager. If a homeowner does not correct the violation(s) within the allotted time and does not contact the property manager, the Board may choose to enforce the restriction through city code enforcement, fines and/or legal avenues.