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The Rules and Regulations for Forest Edge are summaries and clarifications of those found within the Forest Edge Covenants and Restrictions, City of Altamonte Springs Ordinances, or rules approved by the FEBOD pertaining to the safety and use of common areas including the streets. The board of directors may review and update the rules as needed. These rules have been shared via USPS with homeowners and are always available on this website or by contacting the board or management.

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Tree Removal Information

Regardless of species, all tree removals must be approved by the FE-ARC. The City of Altamonte Springs requires a permit for tree removals. In the case of dead trees in immediate danger of falling, permits are not required but you must have a certified arborist provide documentation that the tree is dead. The majority of tree trimmers are not certified arborists so if you are not using an arborist then simply submit a permit to the city. It’s free and only takes a day or two for the city arborist to visit your lot.  Do not fall prey to predatory tree trimmers, it could cost you fines and tree replacement costs. The city requires an approved ARC form before an arbor permit is approved. Per city ordinance and Forest Edge Covenants, each lot must have a minimum of 2 large canopy tree species preferably from the city’s approved tree list. For more information, view Altamonte Springs Code of Ordinances, Article VII. Even during a permit moratorium due to storm damage, an ARC form is still required to remove a tree.



Sentry Management is the

 property manager for Forest Edge.


Property Management INFO

Please mail or email ARC applications to Sentry address.



Board Members


President                 Carol Platt

Vice President       Tom Fusco

Treasurer                Robert Clipp

Secretary                Ivannia Bok

Director OPEN


Looking for an opportunity to volunteer in Forest Edge? Our committees are made up of homeowners just like you. Committees are not just limited to the ones listed below.  Have an idea? Want to join an existing committee? Attend a board meeting at the clubhouse on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Architectural Review Committee 

Carol Platt (Chairperson), Jill Prince, Ivannia Bok

Dispute Resolution  

Volunteers Needed     

Grounds/Holiday Decorations

Robert Clipp


Carol Platt


Carol Platt

Country Creek Master Rep  

Tom Fusco

Hospitality/Social Media

Volunteers Needed

Bylaws – Covenants & Restriction Review

Volunteers Needed