Exterior Painting

Guidelines for Exterior Painting

If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, please submit an ARC Application  to the Forest Edge property manager.

A committee of homeowners (Architectural Review Committee – ARC) representing the association’s board will contact you to review your application.  After approval from the committee, the property manager will send you a letter confirming this approval.  Please do not begin painting without confirmation of approval as you may be asked to change your plans.

Do I need to submit an ARC application if I am  painting my house the same color?

Yes. Some houses have been painted outside of the approved guidelines, and over time the ARC wishes to bring every home into conformity with the policies.  The ARC committee will also need to approve accent colors for trim, shutters, and garage doors.

Forest Edge HOA has an approved paint palette.  If you would like to review the palette please contact the Chair of the ARC listed on this website.


-Forest Edge Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

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