Exterior Painting

Approved Color Palette click below:
FE ARC Color Palette 6.21.2018 


Color Palette

All homes within the Forest Edge subdivision shall adhere to the color palette selected by the ARC committee and approved by the Forest Edge Board.

Colors were chosen to appeal to a range of personal preferences while protecting the design criteria set forth in the Forest Edge Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.

All exterior projects must be approved by the ARC including repaints of the same colors. FE-ARC Form 2018

How to pick your colors:

  1. Homeowners may choose a maximum of three colors:
    • Wall (Body) – the large surface areas of your home typically Hardie Board or stucco.
    • Trim – gutters, soffit, fascia, corner trim, window surround, masonry details, shutters, garage surround.
    • Accent – front door; consideration will be given to shutters and other small accent areas. If the accent color is bold, the ARC may limit this application to front door only.
  2. Garage Doors – garage doors can be white or match the walls or trim. No black or near black garage doors. Garage doors must be painted one solid color, no designs.
  3. Brick– all brick must be left in its original natural color. Please clean, repair, and/or replace damaged bricks. Bricks may not be painted. Fronts of homes must be left in the design of the original elevation.
  4. You may select different color combinations within the approved palette, but keep in mind the colors must coordinate and you may be asked to choose a different color combination or application.
  5. Where two accent colors are shown, please choose one.
  6. If you prefer to use a brand other than Sherwin Williams, your color must be chosen from this palette and paint-matched by your chosen vendor. The ARC will require a sample of your color to be painted on your house for review.
  7. Pictures included in the Sherwin Williams brochure do not necessarily depict approved color application.


If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, please submit an ARC application to the Forest Edge property manager.

A committee of homeowners (Architectural Review Committee – ARC) appointed by the board of directors will review your application. After approval from the committee, the property manager will send you a letter confirming this approval.  Please do not begin painting without confirmation of approval as you may be asked to change your plans.

Do I need to submit an ARC application if I am  painting my house the same color?

Yes. Some houses have been painted outside of the approved guidelines, and over time the ARC wishes to bring every home into conformity with the approved color palette. The ARC committee will also need to approve accent colors for trim, shutters, and garage doors.



-Forest Edge Architectural Review Committee (ARC)